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This Week in WCP Arts: Metro’s One-Man Art Bureaucracy, 127 Hours, Oklahoma!

I lead this week's arts section with a look at an aborted video project by D.C. artist Alberto Roblest, which he'd hoped to mount in an entrance to the Dupont Circle Metro—before discovering that making art for Metro is a tricky business. Tricia Olszewski reviews two fast-moving movies—except one's about a guy who doesn't move [...]

Ted Nugent is a Pussy: The CliffsNotes to Everybody Must Get Stoned

"Trying to show a link between rock stars and drugs is like trying to make a link between mouths and tooth decay," writes R.U. Sirius—the nom de fume of 10 Zen Monkeys' Ken Goffman. This is but one of the many mangy comparisons that frontload Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars on Drugs*, and when [...]