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ToDo ToDay: Horse Puppets!

All things considered, the jump War Horse took from its Broadway debut to a month-long run at the Kennedy Center happened in record time. Of course, the World War I epic originally opened five years ago in London, so perhaps it’s not that quick, after all. Theater fans will get what they expect from War Horse: a [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 17

No deep reflections or wise words this week. Just housekeeping: If one of your tweets has been immortalized in Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you are forever a member of the Twitter list. YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE CULTURAL ELITE. Be cool about it, OK?

"I get a lot of compliments on my female figures"
"Though [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 4

Your favorite assemblage is back, and we've got nothin' but love for you, baby! We don't call it "aggregation," because aggregation is too aggro. In the land of FO-vs.-HD, all the pieces fit together like a giant group hug. D.C. deserves it! Catch up here. Then accept this week's embrace. Then go make some art [...]

Arts Roundup: Cats and Dogs Edition

Morning, all. Wow, it is raining hard out there. I'm surprised my power hasn't gone out. But, I'll keep on truckin' with this as long as my lights stay on.
Maybe Arcade Fire's tour really is helping spur record sales. The band's newly released album, The Suburbs, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, with [...]