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Arts Roundup: Limbs Edition

Lindsay Zoladz gives local art-punkers Imperial China the Pitchfork stamp. [Pitchfork]
New Orleans remembers Chuck Brown []
Radio CPR's Chuck Brown tribute [Dissonance]
The Kreeger Museum's program for arts lovers with Alzheimer's [NPR]
Tilda, Tilda, TILDA [Style Blog]

10 Versions of the Song in Doug Aitken’s “Song 1″

No dearth of hipness went into the soundtrack of "Song 1," Doug Aitken's sublime, monumental work of video art currently ringing the curved exterior of the Hirshhorn Museum. The looped, 35-minute "Song 1" could be a series of interlinked music videos—romantic, unquestionably; universal, but not quite comforting, in their lack of specificity; chilling in their anomie, [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Sucker Punch, Frida Kahlo, Tilda Swinton

Chris Klimek leads the arts section with a close look at the training that went in Sucker Punch, Studio Theatre's upcoming play about two boxers whose friendship is tested in Margaret Thatcher's England. Sound effects abound! Kriston Capps picks apart "Frida Kahlo: Her Photos," the audience magnet of dubious interest currently on view at Artisphere. [...]

Hardcore for Hippies? Thanks, Give

Back in March, for our Best of D.C. issue, we said that local hardcore revivalists Give have the city's best underappreciated live show. At the time, Matt Siblo wrote:
Defining a “D.C. sound” is something of a folly these days, Moombahton notwithstanding. Still, you’d think a band like Give, with its not-exactly-hardcore but not-exactly-not-hardcore aesthetic, would have [...]

Tonight at Filmfest: Italian Films Galore, Plus Other International Delights and Missteps

A 17-year-old tangles with a rival mob in The Sicilian Girl.
Tonight: an international sampling including Italian films—two worth seeing, two not; a Romanian thriller; overwrought Brazilian and Japanese films; and an understatedly elegant Argentinian redemption story. Tickets are $10.
See It:
The Other Irene
A Romanian mystery centering on the death of a mall security guard's wife and [...]