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Listen to Visto’s Groovy New Single “Hurricane,” Featuring Aussie Vocalist Emmaline

Visto describes a particularly amorous lovemaking session that ends up "on the kitchen sink."

The Breaks: The Week in Local Hip-Hop

With little promotion, Logic's debut album performs.

So T.I. Won’t Perform at FreeFest (Most Likely). What Now?

Virgin Mobile FreeFest performance times debuted yesterday and rapper T.I. is noticeably missing. According to festival organizers in touch with the Post:
We were waiting for final confirmation from T.I.'s camp, but they're focused on tomorrow's hearing and we've not gotten a final commitment. With that in mind, we adjusted set times to give artists more [...]

Arts Roundup: The “Where Are Your Friends Tonight” Edition

Good morning, people. Happy Wednesday! Only one more day of random torrential downpours, and then it's sunny Thursday, and then it's the weekend again! And the Rock & Roll Hotel's Summer Eve party! Kind of late for summer's eve, no?
In case you missed it, NYT writes that Imagining Madoff is indefinitely postponed, Bluebrain graces us [...]

Arts Roundup: The Middle-Class America Edition

Good morning, everyone! There's a heat advisory in town, but good news, it'll only be 100 degrees today! And it's Wednesday, which means it's almost Friday.
If you're feeling the heat enough to hang outside today, "Yoga in the Park" is happening tonight in Dupont Circle. (If you're into that kind of thing, it's not too [...]

Nu’ The Mayor on Being a “Dollartician”

Nu' The Mayor is a pretty proactive rapper. Instead of just claiming to run D.C., he decided to take the title of "mayor." When media outlets don't cover him, he interviews himself.  And rather than merely rhyming about his financial fitness, Nu' has pronounced himself a "dollartician" and named his latest album Now or Never: [...]

T.I.’s “Road to Redemption” Paved With Revelations, Brownie Points

Lately, it seems every musician is endorsing or supporting one cause or another–be it a new design for Coke's discotheque presence, the Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger rebels, or, in Clifford "T.I."/"Tip" Harris' case, troubled youths.
In his juridical ass-kissing MTV docu-series "T.I.'s Road to Redemption:45 Days To Go," the 28-year-old Grammy-winning rapper intervenes in the lives [...]