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ToDo ToDay: Moth, Church Night’s Anniversary, and the Best of D.C. Fête

Writers turn to teenage characters because their extreme emotion is rife for drama, especially when they’re in a new, surprising situation. Australian playwright Declan Greene continues in this tradition with Moth, a dark comedy about two high school losers who embark on a weird adventure. Sebastian, a dork obsessed with anime, sees a vision of St. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Donavon Frankenreiter! Bombadil!

Mustache aficionado and generally chill dude Donavon Frankenreiter comes from the Jack Johnson school of surfers who play guitar and preach eternal love. And unlike Johnson, his sun-drenched whimsy rarely feels dumbed down and creepily whispered into your ears. If you’re looking for ditties that sound equally mellow and less earwormy than “Bubble Toes,” Frankenreiter [...]