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Veep, Week 8: The Rubber-Ball Vice Presidency

That was quite the payoff, wasn't it, Ben? At the end of an episode in which her political toxicity oscillated like a faulty radiation meter, Selina deflates as Mike, her hapless P.R. chief, attempts to console her: Remember, it's only four years. Unless it's eight. Or 12, if you become president. Which means it could [...]

Veep, Week 7: Drowning Kittens

In which Arts Desk and DCist discuss Veep, HBO's comedy series about the vice presidency

Partial disclosure light, Ben: I'd rather spend my morning talking about what happened on last night's gut-punching episode of Mad Men. Instead, we'll have to talk about what didn't happen on Veep.
You called it, sir: Selina wasn't pregnant long. Early on, [...]

Veep, Week 6: Pissing Contests

In which Arts Desk and DCist discuss Veep, HBO's comedy series about the vice presidency
I'm with you, Ben: This week's Veep was 90 percent bummer. The sputtering launch event for the anti-obesity program; the mad dash to the elementary-school photo op; the reveal that Selina might be pregnant, the (mistaken) reveal that shark-nosed White House [...]

Veep, Week 5: Magrudergrind and Fructose Intolerance

Magrudergrind, Ben, Magrudergrind! Jonah and Dan may have filmed this scene in Baltimore's Ottobar—here named The Labyrinth—but the band on stage was none other than D.C./New York grindcore act Magrudergrind. As far as D.C. cred goes, this might make up for the nonexistent "yoghurt" shop on U Street NW in episode 2. As Leor Galil [...]

Veep, Week 3: How Much “Diva” Is “Too Diva?”

In which Arts Desk and DCist discuss Veep, HBO's new comedy about the vice presidency
Ben: In pondering Selina's contempt for normals, you wonder if "shaking all those hands and kissing all those babies on the trail of her failed primary run took Selina to some very dark places." I suspect her isolation—from "normals," from her [...]

Veep, Week 3: Catch-44

Ben: Who'da thunk it? The Veep finally won one.
What at first seems like an intractable situation—two so-called Catch-22s—eventually resolves itself thanks to some hardball ingenuity from Dan, the vice president's young aide. For some reason, Selina instructs press secretary Mike to unveil her pick for a clean-jobs commission at the dedication of a community center named for [...]