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Dead Meadow Makes Concert Film. Wait, People Still Watch Concert Films?

Forty years ago, concert film were big. No really, they played on big screens and carried cultural import. In 1970, the documentary Woodstock won an academy award. When Talking Heads released Stop Making Sense in 1984, people were apparently dancing in the aisles of the theater.
Then, shortly thereafter, there were no aisles left to dance [...]

Reviewed: This Is It

Directed by Kenny Ortega
There's no mention of Michael Jackson's death in This Is It — not even dates under his photo in the closing-credits dedication. But even if director Kenny Ortega had chosen to acknowledge the King of Pop's passing, it'd still be easy to forget the fact while watching this extraordinary and eye-opening cobble [...]

Michael Jackson Plots Comeback, Practices New Dance Move

The King of Pop is back! The Guardian reports that Michael Jackson has begun rehearsal for his marathon of London performances—50 crotch-grabbing moonwalks in 50 nights, beginning July 9. According to the UK broadsheet, Jackson spends "four days a week at a rehearsal space near Los Angeles's Burbank airport. The show will be called This [...]