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HFStival Is Back, Again, for Some Reason

Don't know how I missed this—actually, I know exactly how I missed this—but the HFStival is back. Again. Back when alt-rock station WHFS was still on the air, it hosted an annual concert that became increasingly commercial and unlistenable as the station did roughly the same. The station went off the air in 2005 (it [...]

HFStival Returns with Third Eye Blind, sans Frat Boys

It seems the organizers of the HFStival are on as much of a retro kick as we are these days: If you read our Summer Music Guide, you'll know we're a little skeptical about alt-rock's return to summer stages. Meanwhile, the HFStival has its sights set on September, and feels OK about resurrecting some ghosts [...]

Semi-Charmed, not Cursed: An Interview with Third Eye Blind

Since apparently it's We Love the '90s Day at Arts Desk, it's fortunate that correspondent Jason Cox just filed this unapologetic dispatch from the alt-pop trenches.
My friends, enemies, and frenemies often try to discredit my taste in music when I tell them I am a diehard fan of Third Eye Blind—that is, if they can [...]