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2012 Wammies Winners: Slightly Less Snoozy!

The winners of the 26th annual Wammies have been announced. And with that, I return to my nap.
But wait! Maybe not just yet. It looks like a couple of categories in the typically snoozy Washington Area Music Awards have undergone much-needed shock therapy. For one, arts-establishment darling Yoko K. (pictured) has stolen "Electronica Artist" from the cashmere-gloved [...]

The Gold Leaf Variations: A Longtime DIY Venue Nears Its Swan Song

On Labor Day weekend last September, if you stepped outside of the new Korean restaurant or the swank Japanese kitchen at 5th and K streets NW and gazed across the way, you might have caught a scene that felt slightly out of place in shiny, revitalized Mount Vernon Square. Lanterns emerged from inky, overgrown foliage. Guitar [...]

Radio Free D.C.

You've got a few more workday listening options, beginning this month. ESL Music, the label owned by local chill purveyors Thievery Corporation, launched an online radio station today, and it is so, so, so chill. How chill? So chill it's been playing the same chill loop—glossy keys, crowd noise, Rasta-voiced hypeman—since I tuned in like [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Urban Interventions

Have you ever come back from a city like New York or Chicago and thought D.C.’s parks seemed a bit empty? Sure, there are statues and occasionally benches—for sitting and contemplating the statues. But by and large, our green spaces are for outsiders to protest and promenade, and not much else. Today, a bunch of [...]

Thievery Corporation Loves Democracy

In case you didn't get the memo, Thievery Corporation is down with the people.
The latest single from U Street NW restauranteur/nightlife don Eric Hilton's lyte-funk ensemble is called "Unified Tribes," and it self-awards Thievery Corporation yet another badge of authenticity, this time derived from the Occupy movement. The accompanying video shows agile MC Mr. Lif maneuvering between tents in McPherson [...]

Congratulations, Thievery Corporation

In what was possibly the most glorious landslide victory of all time, Thievery Corporation was voted Best Local Band in Express Night Out's 2011 reader's poll. (Wale came in second; U.S. Royalty, third.)
Here's what else the left-field, utterly unpredictable readers of Express Night Out deemed No. 1:
Best venue: 9:30 Club
Best sports bar and best gay [...]

Time It Took for (e)merge to Get Decadent: Three Hours

Nobody wanted to look Avery Lawrence in the eye last night—not one of the dozen or so people crammed into the hotel room exhibiting his work, at the opening party for the (e)merge art fair at the Capitol Skyline Hotel.
They were looking at him, of course, but in video form, projected onto a wall, dragging [...]

Bluebrain Hosts Benefit at 1337 H Street

Imaginative local duo Bluebrain is gearing up to host a benefit for the new artist space located at 1337 H Street NE.
The 7900 square-foot space, located between the H Street Country Club and Dangerously Delicious Pies, was formerly occupied by American West Indian Auto Body. The building is owned by none other than restaurant owner and [...]

The Empire of Chill: Thievery Corporation Helped Build U Street, but They Sound Homeless

In the 1990s, Thievery Corporation did not want to be a D.C. band.
“We are jet-setters,” Eric Hilton told Washington City Paper in a 1999 cover story. Hilton and his creative partner, Rob Garza, liked to wear suits. “In a suit, you can go anyplace,” said Hilton. “We’re living in a global marketplace.” Above all, it seemed, [...]

For The Nobis, Home Is Where the Hemp Is

A little over a month ago, Emi Kashiwara, 29, and her pink-mohawked fiancé MP, 38, were living in a hundred-year-old house in Tochigi, a mountainous prefecture about an hour north of Tokyo. Life was good: Their band, The Nobis, was playing at raves and clubs every weekend in Tokyo and elsewhere; they had a sponsorship from [...]