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Theater of the First Amendment Folds

This is the time of year theaters like to puff up their feathers. But today's announcement from Theater of the First Amendant isn't the unveiling of the company's next season.
Instead, it's the sad news that there won't be one: After the 22 seasons, the professional company based at George Mason University is closing its doors.
Although the [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Breck Brunson, HARD ART DC 1979, The Descendants

Kriston Capps leads the arts section with his review of two gallery shows that should appeal to local rock fans: "Churchin'," an exhibit heavy on ecclesiastical found art by the former Apes singer Breck Brunson; and "HARD ART DC 1979," which collects Lucian Perkins' photographs from an moment in D.C. punk. I riff on the things bands [...]

What Happens When You Combine Theater and Dance, and Why It Can Be Tough

Dance and theater seem like natural allies, but in fact they rarely seem to share the stage. The show Stay, presented by the Theater of the First Amendment and opening tonight at the Lansburgh Theater, is an exception. The fruit of a two-year collaboration by playwright and director Heather McDonald and choreographer Susan Shields, Stay [...]