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Tray Chaney’s “Self Made Star” Video Shows The Wire Star Is Still at It

Fans of The Wire will be glad to know that Tray Chaney is still active. The Forestville, Md., native, who played Malik "Poot" Carr on David Simon’s social epic, recently released a video for "Self Made Star," in which he raps aggressively over an uptempo beat crafted by producer Don Fox. As the title signals, [...]

DMV Beats: An Appreciation for Pat Is Dope

Pat Is Dope vs. Danny Brown
D.C. blogger and all-around hip-hop head Pat Is Dope hasn't gotten much attention from DMV Beats, and that's unfair. He serves up a steady stream of content on and has more than 190,000 followers (!) on Twitter. Surely they're not all stripper/porno bots. Pat's rep stems, in part, from [...]

Arts Roundup: Q and Not U, Metaphorically Speaking Edition

Shutdown forces Freer and Sackler galleries to shuffle around its planned yoga exhibit. [Express]
Montgomery County asks the U.S. Department of the Interior to reopen Glen Echo Park, which houses numerous nonprofit and arts groups. [Post]
Republic, the restaurant taking the place of Takoma Park's Video Americain, will host live music. [Post]
D.C. actor Erik Todd Dellums (The [...]

Arts Roundup: Not Unenjoyable Edition

Dominic West doesn't want to tweet about The Wire. That's so rude. That's so...McNulty. [DCist]
Does anyone care about Screen on the Green anymore? For what it's worth, Screen on the Green says yes. [DCist]
Get ready for Adams Morgan Day, coming Sept. 9. [The 42]
National Building Museum minigolf course is not unenjoyable! [DCist]
Taking a tip from [...]

Arts Roundup: “Open Season On the Corcoran” Edition

Tyler Green: "The depth of the Corcoran’s predicament has been clear for a while." [Artinfo]
The Post is rich with metaphors for the Corcoran's present situation: David Montgomery and Lonnae O'Neal Parker analyze the rocky "marriage" between its school and struggling gallery [Post], and Phil Kennicott, speaking of the institution's possible move to the 'burbs, says "This [...]

David Simon, Go-Go Fan

TV showrunner/professional curmudgeon David Simon's been doing press for the upcoming Treme vs. The Wire Battle of the Bands benefit show in New Orleans, a concert where The Wire's Anwan "Big G" Glover will perform with his old group, the Backyard Band. Simon, who was born in D.C. and grew up in the Maryland 'burbs, tells [...]

Don’t Be Bored: D.C. Peace Festival and David Simon

Before each show, members of the Forestville, Md., rap trio Gods’Illa greet the crowd shouting “Peace!” Their music, a blend of insightful, optimistic lyrics and percussive instrumentals, harkens back to hip-hop in the 1990s, when MCs could still sell records speaking to civic unrest. That’s part of why Gods’Illa (pictured) is such an apt choice [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Foreign Policy and Noodles

George Kennan was the father of cold war foreign policy. Which isn’t to say that the author of the famous “long telegram”—which argued against postwar chumminess and in favor of containment as a basis of U.S. strategy—was always a proud papa. As containment became the rationale for an arms race, third-world proxy wars, and American [...]

Arts Roundup: Remount Fever Edition

The Woolliest Mammoth: The recent remount of the Pulitzer-winning Clybourne Park, which closed Sunday, is officially—and by a wide margin—the most lucrative production in Woolly Mammoth's 32-year history, the theater company announced yesterday. The boffo production played to 105 percent audience capacity and nearly tripled Woolly's previous single-day sales record, formerly held by a July [...]

Arts Roundup: Eric Holder for Network President Edition

Read This Blog for Your Sanity: Soon-to-be Postie Maura Judkis writes on TBD about three new studies about the effects of arts consumption on men, the elderly, and the depressed. The first study, commissioned in Norway, found that "cultured men who go to museums, ballet and theater are happier than their philistine counterparts." A Missouri [...]