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Arts Roundup: The State of D.C. Hardcore Edition

Plus: An interview with new Washington Ballet head Julie Kent.

Photos: The Who at Verizon Center

The band celebrated 50 years at the Verizon Center last night.

This Saturday: The Triumphant Resurrection of Run for Cover

After a three-year hiatus, the beloved cover-band show is back.

Photos: The Who @ Verizon Center

The Who brought its second rock opera, Quadrophenia, to the Verizon Center last night, led by the band's two surviving original members, lead singer Roger Daltrey and singer/guitarist Pete Townshend. The band wasn't same high-energy act of yesteryear—Townshend didn't slide across the stage on his knees, and Daltrey dialed back his microphone cord-swinging. But then again, [...]

Arts Roundup: ELO Should Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show Edition

Good morning! I consumed a lot of soup and chili and beer last night and am paying for it today!
So: that half-time show. Very boring; Townshend and Daltrey looked and sounded old; pretty lights; blah blah, yes we all agree. More importantly! With the Who, the Super Bowl now seems to have run out of [...]

Arts Roundup: “Bob Dylan, Acrylic on Canvas” Edition

*Bob Dylan paints his masterpiece? Theoretically. El Bard is set to debut some paintings based on his "Drawn Blank" series of sketches from the early '90s. TO WIT: "Man on Bridge" (right; acrylic, 2009).
*Related: The Guardian has a neat little slideshow of Dylan's Nov., 2007 exhibit at the Chemnitz Art Gallery in eastern Germany.
*Not quite [...]

T.S.O.O.L is the Cheese Beneath My Wings

I'm fascinated by the notion of influences and inspirations, especially when they're mashed up and twisted by geographical and cultural differences. Listening to any The Soundtrack Of Our Lives album conjures up bits from the historical nature of rock n roll—how it was served like a flaming tennis ball across the pond to Britain by [...]

Slideshow: The Who at the Verizon Center

Pete Townshend didn't duck-walk on Monday night.  He didn't curse, or smash his guitar, or clock Abbie Hoffman in the back of the head.  In fact, he didn't do anything of which your mother wouldn't approve.
Which isn't to say that the Who in its current incarnation lacks vim, vigor, or even cheek...just that the guys [...]

Mose Allison: A Weekend at Blues Alley

"I'm a certified senior citizen/Got Florida on my mind/I won't even mess/With checkers or chess/Just take me to the place where they bump 'n' grind...."
Though not characterized by the bump 'n' grind, Sunday's 10 p.m. show at Blues Alley drew a rapt and well-dressed crowd of LP nerds, precocious twenty-somethings, and couples in search of [...]