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One Track Mind: Killa Cal, “Go-Go Flow”

Standout Track: Hip-hop dominates the mixtape, but the lone go-go cut, No. 17, “Go-Go Flow,” is the showstopper. Local legends Stinky Dink and Tony Blunt rhyme with Cal on a classically conga-heavy beat made by keyboardist D-Cleve of The What? Band—Cal’s previous group until he joined Rare Essence last year. The Backyard Band’s Los was [...]

Killa Cal + Rare Essence = Buzz

The biggest go-go bands can be like small companies: Personnel comes and goes, but the overall brand generally retains its standing. Occasionally, however, a lineup change is a Really Big Deal in go-go circles, like rapper Killa Cal's recent decision to leave the WHAT? band and take his firm verbals to Rare Essence, one of the [...]

Killa Cal Will Definitely Sell You Something

So here's this nice new video from DMV rapper Killa Cal, the dude known for freestyling in The WHAT? Band, and it's labeled as an "electronic press kit," which is basically a fancy way of saying "infomercial." So what's he selling? There's an album, right? Nah, not really. Maybe next year. Just lots of mixtapes [...]