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The Two Jilted Kinsmen

For an article in this Sunday's paper, The Washington Post sent its former arts editor John Pancake in search of some very bad Shakespeare—specifically, The Two Noble Kinsmen, the last play Shakespeare wrote (well, co-wrote) and not a great one. In the article, Shakespeare Theatre Company's  Michael Kahn calls it "a deeply flawed play." Pancake writes:
Centuries [...]

Some Modest Advice for Taffety Punk Theatre Company Re: Its “Bootleg Shakespeare” Stagings

Last night, Taffety Punk Theatre Company performed William Shakespeare and John Fletcher's The Two Noble Kinsmen. The 36 actors on stage—37 if you count the paper bag that played the part of Emilia's Second Woman—began learning their lines about a month ago, but didn't rehearse together until yesterday morning. It was one of Taffety's "Bootleg [...]