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What Can Tumblr Do for Theater?

Last month, I walked into Woolly Mammoth a half-hour before a showing of the hilarious political farce The Totalitarians, and my eye started twitching. Ticketholders were chit-chatting and milling around with beers in the theater’s lobby, but it didn’t look like a lobby. It looked like a campaign office—half-drunk Red Bull cans, slogan brainstorming sessions, [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Totalitarians, Patty Griffin, and $5 Sherry

My fellow Americans, today is a new dawn in this great country of ours. We, who have given rise to theater greats like Eugene O’Neill, Lorraine Hansberry, and Tennessee Williams, know how truly blessed we are to see live performances. But American stagecraft is at a critical juncture. Could a contemporary hit play take on [...]