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This Saturday: The Triumphant Resurrection of Run for Cover

After a three-year hiatus, the beloved cover-band show is back.

ToDo ToDay: Capleton, Wine Showcases, and Private Lives

Jamaican dancehall artist Capleton has become tied to controversy. Though he’s been criticized for his homophobic lyrics (he claims they’re not meant to be taken literally), the raw energy of anthems like “Who Dem” or the swanky groove of “Jah Jah City,” two classics from his More Fire album, continues to draw in fans. The incredibly expressive [...]

ToDo ToDay: Whither the DIY Space?

Gold Leaf Studios is gone. Subterranean A held its last show this past weekend. Hole in the Sky is on-again, off-again. The fate of O Street Studios is still iffy, but its residents recently staved off the construction of a hostel on the first floor. Artist and DIY spaces lead a precarious life anywhere, but [...]

D.C. Does Moogle

Yesterday would've been the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, the inventor of the Moog analog synthesizer, aka one of the coolest-sounding instruments in the history of music. As it often does on the birthday of a famous weirdo, Google created a "doodle" in tribute: a functional facsimile of a Moog. Surely the Web's more musical [...]

Arts Roundup: Torch Songs Edition

D.C. new-play incubator The Inkwell mounts its first full production, at Round House. [Post]
A tale of two emancipation statues [Post]
Local swampy steampunkers The Torches played their first show before the members had all practiced in the same room, and other fun facts [DCist]
Art rockers Silo Halo discusses the making of their new album, Night and the City [Vinyl [...]

Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Festival Announces Lineup

Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Music Festival, the District's biggest and strangest celebration of small and far-flung indie-rock bands, is back, following its inaugural running this June. As previously reported, its second edition is set for Oct. 8 and 9. Now, the free festival has announced some lineups and venues.
There are three venues along the U [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Arthur Harrison and His Theremins, The Torches, Animal Kingdom

This week, Sadie Dingfelder leads off the section with a profile of Arthur Harrison—a Rockville musician and veteran of D.C.'s music scene who is one of the world's best-known makers of theremins. What's a theremin, you ask? Well, it sounds like a chorus of moaning ghosts, and you don't need your hands to play it. Read [...]

Oscillate Mildly: Arthur Harrison, Noted Rockville Thereminist, Is Happy Busking

Oscillate Mildly
His steampunk days could be behind him, but noted
Rockville thereminist Arthur Harrison is happy busking
By Sadie Dingfelder
It’s a Thursday night at the Black Cat, and aloof 20-somethings in shapeless shirts and skinny jeans are leaning against the bar, angling for drinks. They are temporarily out of luck: The bartender is deep in conversation with [...]

Last-Minute Pick: The Torches at Rock & Roll Hotel

If craft beers and academic discussions about the fermentation process aren't enough to whet your whistle, tonight's D.C. Beer Week kickoff event at the Rock & Roll Hotel (sponsored by City Paper, it seems, which has nothing to do this post) also features, among other bands, the swampy blues-rock of The Torches, a new project by Stephen [...]

Get Your Geek On: Nerd Nite at DC9 This Saturday

If your regular T-shirts are mistaken for ironic ones, you begin sentences with “polls say…”, and you thought it was OK to see Avatar twice, because once was in 3D, it might be time to head on down to Nerd Nite at DC9.  Nerd Nite was born in Boston, reared in New York, and eventually [...]