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ToDo ToDay: Elizabeth Gilbert, Raheem DeVaughn, and Rory Albanese

Elizabeth Gilbert’s name alone inspires a particular brand of hatred in some circles: Eat, Pray, Love was such privileged-white-lady bullshit, wasn't it? But recent interviews Gilbert gave to Mother Jones and the New York Times Magazine have me thinking that her first novel in 13 years, The Signature of All Things, won’t be so hated. Set in the 19th century, it stars [...]

ToDo ToDay: Victoria Fu! The Toasters!

In “Lorem ipsum I” and “Lorem ipsum II,” San Diego-based video artist Victoria Fu documents, in near-silence, a cryptic young woman in a pleasant house and garden whose face is usually tantalizingly out of reach. Some of her box-within-box video tricks are drawn straight from the 24 and CSI: Miami bag of tricks, though the grainy, watery [...]