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This Year’s Fort Reno Shows, Sponsored by…

Bang Salon presents: Foul Swoops, Coup Sauvage & the Snips, Golden Looks, Beauty Pill

ToDo ToDay: “Interconnected,” Elephant Revival, and Clear Plastic Masks

In computing, “the cloud” is just a metaphor. In the art of Yuriko Yamaguchi, it becomes compellingly tangible. The Osaka-born Yamaguchi, who’s been working in the U.S. since the 1970s and who is now based in Vienna, Va., uses steel, copper, and brass wire along with small pieces of hand-cast resin to create sprawling modular [...]

ToDo ToDay: Ploy, Australian Dance, and Beer

If D.C. is in the midst of a synthpop renaissance, Hyattsville’s Ploy sits at the forefront. The slick duo, formed only last year, has progressively sharpened its ability to sculpt a big, sad love song—the most powerful weapon in any synthpop band’s arsenal. But it’s a song from the band’s early days that best distills [...]

ToDo ToDay: Photography, Painted Grass, and The Sweater Set

Encapsulating an entire nation’s photographic culture poses a challenge for “A Democracy of Images: The Smithsonian American Art Museum.” To its credit, the show includes worthwhile contributions from photographers who aren’t household names. Consider the circular, black-and-white image from Deborah Luster’s “Tooth for an Eye” series (shown), which documents the last views seen by the [...]

Arts Roundup: Crowdfunding and Famous People Edition

National Theatre gets its own Broadway series—a big move for the long-struggling theater, now under new management. [Post]
Capital Fringe shows increasingly rely on crowdfunding... [Washington Business Journal]
...and the Smithsonian launches its first major crowdfunding campaign—for the forthcoming yoga exhibit at Freer/Sackler—today. [Freer/Sackler]
Kelly Rowland breaks down at last weekend's Fillmore show. [Post]
At Savoy Elementary School, Michelle Obama [...]

ToDo ToDay: Los Master Plus! Margaritas! Chili Cookoff!

Guadalajara, Mexico cumbiatronica duo Los Master Plus enjoys performing catchy melodies as much as they like bobbing their heads to their own beats. For the cowboy hat- and ironic mustache-wearing Master Plus guys Comanche and Larry Mon, this means turning English pop songs into Spanish-language dancefloor-fillers. The group also plumbs Latino artists from the past, [...]

One Track Mind: The Sweater Set, “Simple”

Standout Track: No. 5, “Simple,” the lyrics of which inspired the title of Sara Curtin and Maureen Andary’s new album, Oh, Visitor. It’s a departure from The Sweater Set’s usually uptempo, ukulele-infused material, but the combination of electric guitar, classical guitar, and Andary’s vocals suits the lyrics’ quiet resignation about a relationship that’s fallen apart.
Musical [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Grand Parade! Jewish Nibbles!

Members of Massachusetts-based Double Edged Theater usually premiere their new pieces on the small farm where they live, but they’ll debut their latest movement-based work at Arena Stage. This new work tells the story of the 20th century and draws visual inspiration from the work of Russian modernist painter Marc Chagall. In The Grand Parade, Double [...]

Listen: Bluebrain’s Hays Holladay Records 14 D.C. Acts for Rainbow Arcade

Earlier this year, Bluebrain member Hays Holladay decided to shut down Iguazu Sound, the Arlington recording studio he'd operated since 2010. Before he locked up for the last time, Holladay put out a call to local bands interested in recording a single song in three hours. "The goal is to come up with unexpected results utilizing all [...]

Your Band Could Be Our Drink

Forgive us, but Drinkify is kind of addictive. You type in a band name, and then, using its algorithm, the site suggests an appropriate libation with which to enjoy your tunes. Some are hilarious—and some don't quite feel accurate. For example, type in "Black Tambourine"—that'd be the influential early '90s noise-pop group—and Drinkify tells you to [...]