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ToDo ToDay: Slumberland Showcase! Alex Bleeker! Rap Parables!

Twenty-four years after its founding in Silver Spring, Slumberland Records remains a caretaker of the past and future of noisy indie pop. But at tonight’s showcase at Comet Ping Pong, expect a telling reversal: It’ll be the veterans who look for jaunty new pathways, and the rookies who look back. On Enterprising Sidewalks, its first album [...]

The Static: A Hair Band of Sorts

The Rockville pop/rock band once known as Hotspur (whose ambitions and travails were described in depth in this 2007 City Paper story) has evolved into another pop/rock band known as The Static. The dudes commissioned a slick stop-motion video for the Maroon 5-ish song "So Wrong," and it has generated more than 600,000 YouTube hits since [...]