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Johnny Marr @ 9:30 Club

It has been said that ex-Smiths frontman Morrissey was about wearing one's politics on your sleeve, while lead guitarist Johnny Marr was about the music. After the Smiths disbanded, Marr's signature guitar sound cropped up in his collaborations with Bernard Sumner (in Electronic), Bryan Ferry, Modest Mouse, and The Cribs—though Morrissey proved to be much more enthusiastic about releasing [...]

ToDo ToDay: Johnny Marr! D.C. Lit Party!

Morrissey has always enchanted the press, but The Smiths had a second genius in the band: guitarist and co-songwriter Johnny Marr. The British guitar hero showcased his signature jangle on tracks like “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” and “This Charming Man,” that still inspire pretty much every indie-pop band today. Since The [...]

Johnny Marr: “I Wasn’t Harboring Some Desire to Have My Name Up In Lights”

Johnny Marr is someone you could spend all day talking with. He was The Smiths’ visionary guitarist and co-songwriter. He made three albums as Electronic with New Order singer-guitarist Bernard Sumner. He’s been a member of The The, The Pretenders, Modest Mouse, and The Cribs. Following an excellent album with The Cribs, he contributed to [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: Monotonix, KIDS, Chromeo

Best of Friday:
Steve Kiviat writes:
Tel Aviv power-rockers Monotonix are not celebrated for their albums. Just like previous efforts, last month's  Steve Albini-produced Not Yet blends hookless shouting with self-indulgent guitar riffs, and the result sounds like an unsuccessful MC5-Led Zeppelin hybrid. But live, the trio compensates with pure spectacle. Singer Avi  Shalev leaps into the [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Putting on Your Autumn Sweater

As the leaves change their hue, the inevitable moment arrives when you slip on a fuzzy knit sweater to better bear the brisk weather sliding into summer's absence. It's a strangely pleasant time of year, but it somehow feels warmer when pitted snugly against a song acknowledging the coming chill. An autumn track ought to [...]

Arts Roundup: New Year’s Resolutions for Scenesters Edition

Hello! Underwhelmed by D.C. music of late? So is the A.V. Club D.C.'s Matthew Borlik, who has penned some New Year's resolutions for the District's music scene. The former Washington City Paper staffer and Q & Not U member writes:
From the early ’90s through the early ’00s, the nation knew a D.C. band when it [...]

WaPo Book Review: The Smiths Made “Synth and Electro-Pop”

UPDATE: Louis Bayard responds via e-mail: "The mistake is mine, I guess.  I was shuffling around some categories, and the Smiths didn't get unshuffled, and nobody caught it." Original post below.
In his review in the Washington Post of a David Bowie biography by Marc Spitz, critic Louis Bayard discusses the Thin White Duke's influence, and [...]

Judging a Disc by Its Cover: Morrissey

The band (or, in this case, the Man): Morrissey
The Album: Years of Refusal

[Ed. note: Here at Judging a Disc, we know we're treading on thin ice by going after the greatest, most loved punk-turned-singer-songwriter of all time (Jesus, you people love your Fucking Morrissey), but we can't let that stop us. Read on–if you dare.]