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The Night the Slickee Boys Taught Me a Thing or Two

The short version of this piece is:  Go see the Slickee Boys and The Factory reunite this weekend. If D.C.'s musical history matters to you, they'll put some things in perspective.
The long version is this: The first and only show I saw at the old 9:30 Club was the second-to-last one ever held there (I [...]

John Hansen—Longtime D.C. Punk Fixture; Roadie, Soundman, Guitarist of The Slickee Boys—Is Dead

John Hansen, far left, and The Slickee Boys.

John Hansen, a longtime fixture of D.C.’s punk scene known for his pranksterish joie de vivre, who spent much of the ‘80s as the roadie, soundman, and then the guitarist of The Slickee Boys, died last Friday. Hansen took his own [...]

Another Sellout at the 9:30 Club, Now 30

The press list for the perennially top-selling 9:30 Club's star-studded 30th anniversary show Monday night was too "tight" for even Arts Desk. Luckily, YouTube was all over it: see Dave Grohl with Scream, Teo Leo, the Fleshtones, the Pietasters.
"If these bands didn't like this place, they wouldn't show up," noted host Henry Rollins. "It is the holiday. Many of them [...]