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Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 15

D.C.'s cultural chasm certainly was not devoid of noise this week. But the mighty Far Out vs. Hot Dang does not necessarily care about the loudest noises. Whispers, farts, thuds, hisses, barks, kisses, moans—it all matters.

“SELF’s message that small steps can add up to major change really resonates with the power base here in D.C.”
"I [...]

Arts Roundup: Hicks Nix Crucifix Flix Edition

Aside from the headline, there aren't really any good jokes to be made about the imbroglio unfolding at the National Portrait Gallery, and after reading Blake Gopnik's takedown of the NPG after it caved to pressure to remove a four-minute version of the short film A Fire in My Belly by David Wojnarowicz that is just one piece of [...]