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A Stepping Interpretation of Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, at the Atlas Tonight

It seems like a perfect fit. Take Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, a set of 60 paintings depicting African Americans’ flight to the big cities of the north prior to World War II, half of which are housed at the Phillips Collection. Combine it with Step Afrika!, a DC-based dance company that has honed and built [...]

Arts Roundup: Surprise Party Edition

Grantland: The National Endowment for the Arts announced $88 million in grants yesterday, a sum that includes a few awards that will help fund the upcoming seasons at several organizations affected by cuts to the National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs grant program. The Post's Jacqueline Trescott notes that GALA Hispanic Theatre received $40,000 to [...]

Arts Roundup: The City’s Been Dead Since it Didn’t Shut Down Edition

NPR Guy Wins Twitter, Post Declares: The best Twitter user, hands down, is NPR social-media strategist Andy Carvin, whom The Washington Post's Paul Farhi profiles to lead off today's Style section. Carvin tweets, a lot, using his speedy iPhone typing to turn himself into NPR's in-house expert on the Middle East. Where is Carvin tweeting from? "His tweets come [...]

Shutdown: Private Art Museums Offering Deals to Government Employees

The Twittersphere is buzzing today with "shutdown specials" offered by shops, restaurants, and even food trucks to government employees who find themselves locked out of their workplaces and without a paycheck come midnight when the continuing resolution funding the federal budget expires. Arts Desk made inquiries with many of the privately operated museums around town. [...]

Phillips Collection Birthday Cake: Look, but Don’t Eat

After a fire in September caused roughly $250,000 worth of damage to its original building, the Phillips Collection will reopen the Phillips House next January in time to celebrate the museum's 90th anniversary. There will be free admission (instead of the usual $10-12 weekend fare), free Champagne and birthday cake—but you (probably) can't eat any.
Despite [...]

The Phillips Collection Pays Tribute to Snowpocalypse (and You Can, Too!)

Yes, it's bloody hot out right now and we're all reminded daily that our first president chose to build our capital on a swamp, but do you remember the Snowpocalypse? Unless you blacked out for a month or happened to be vacationing off on the pink sand beaches of Barbuda, you remember Snowpocalypse all too [...]