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ToDo ToDay: Fawna Xiao and Tax Day Food Deals!

For most printmakers, each work they create is almost entirely executed before the ink hits the page. Fawna Xiao is not most printmakers. She approaches her prints like a painter approaches a painting: by adding one layer on top of another until she’s created her ideal effect. In her latest solo show, “Lost Land,” she [...]

ToDo ToDay: Glengarry! Palm Parties! Chinese New Year!

After a somewhat unexciting fall lineup, biting drama makes a welcome return to Round House. For its production of Glengarry Glen Ross, the company has employed an all-star cast of D.C. actors to depict the down-on-their-luck real estate salesmen at the center of David Mamet's play. It's set at the height of the '80s housing boom [...]