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To: You is a Big Step Forward for the Other Guys’ Rap Game

"People wanna be us or fuck us, but not around others/No respect for us, meanwhile, adore what we do."

Listen to The Other Guys’ Feel-Good Track, “Blow My Mind”

It makes sense for the Other Guys and Tanya Morgan to work together; both rap duos have garnered attention through unique means. In 2012, the Other Guys—the local producer/MC duo of "Mighty" Joe Myles and Isaiah Mensah—emerged as a nostalgic alternative to systematic rap, its "do it for the love" approach just as wistful as the beats Myles [...]

Listen: Substantial, Art Is Where the Home Is

Released in 2012, Substantial's Home is Where the Art Is tackled adult issues—spending time with the wife, life's yins and yangs, changing dirty diapers, that sorta thing. It was a mature turn for the Prince George's County native, whose rhymes were more combative on his previous solo album.
Out today, Art Is Where the Home Is reworks the 2012 [...]

DMV Beats: The Other Guys, PHZ-Sicks, Muggsy Malone, Nike Nando

The Other Guys
The Other Guys’ Joe Myles and Isaiah Mensah like to take it back to hip-hop's more self-aware yesteryear. On "Memories Fade," the first single from The Other Guys' forthcoming EP, hard drums and a stuttering soul sample set a wistful tone, while guest MCs yU and Substantial reminisce apologetically on their cheatin' ways: [...]

DMV Beats: M1 Platoon, Alli the Abstract, Fly Rebel Society, and The Other Guys

The Return of M1 Platoon
Four-man crew M1 Platoon released its project Rippin They Sh*t 2 earlier this month. The group has been putting out music since its origins on the campus of North Carolina Central University and got a big push—and guidance—from another former NCCU student: producer-turned-Duke University professor 9th Wonder. After some time off, [...]

DMV Beats: Wale and Seinfeld, Together At Last

This Week in Folarin' Around Jerry Seinfeld
Wale has made no secret of his love for Jerry Seinfeld. His 2008 Mixtape About Nothing quoted extensively from Seinfeld's sitcom; in 2010, he followed that up with his More About Nothing tape. Now, a full election cycle later, his admiration of the observational comic has come full circle. In [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Music Man, Moonrise Kingdom, Leo Villareal

Bob Mondello leads this week's arts section with a meditation on familiarity on D.C. stages: A pair of recognizable faces helps The Illusion at Forum Theatre work its spell, while Arena Stage's The Music Man manages to move but brings little that's interesting to this American mainstay. Chris Klimek riffs about the dystopian rock 'n' [...]