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Arts Roundup: Danging Participle Edition

Hash Tag: Philippa Hughes reports from the graffiti-art panel on which she appeared earlier this week. Key wisdom: "I heard many in the audience say that they liked the 'beautiful' street art pieces but they didn't like tagging and the ugly stuff.  This kind of comment makes me a little nervous for several reasons. When [...]

Steve Carrell and The Office: Bleak or No?

Steve Carrell's judicious and graceful exit from The Office after seven seasons has prompted nostalgic YouTube medleys, a RENT take-off, and at least one really baffling article by the very interesting Bill Wyman. (Witness this relatively recent home run, in which the writer who has the same name as the bassist of the Stones impersonates [...]

Arts Roundup: Live Music Returns to DC9 Edition

Morning, all. Hope you navigated your way through last night's snow okay. I'm sure some of you have the day off as a result. Whether you're off or whether you're working, hope your day's a good one.
TBD's Sarah Godfrey reports that DC9 will begin hosting concerts again in March. The club announced on Twitter that [...]

The [British] Office: Fridays After American Dad on Adult Swim!

The American Office is a cartoonish, sanitized, safe place to spend time—funny, for sure, but essentially escapist. The British original, by comparison, is a wartier, more authentically miserable place. Pam and Jim are an All-American couple; Dawn and Tim are working-class grunts making it through the day. Michael Scott is a broad, white-bread buffoon; David [...]