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ToDo ToDay: College, the Dismemberment Plan, and Scenes of Asia

Fill your holiday weekend with lots of local music and a little bit of dancing.

Nutcracker Smackdown! Washington Ballet vs. Momentum Dance Theatre

Every December, Arts Desk provides readers with a consumer report on a different holiday tradition which those in the Christmas spirit are obligated to attend whether they like it or not. This year we look at the great ballet Tchaikovsky composed to keep American dance companies afloat, The Nutcracker. We compare two D.C. staples, the [...]

Mixed Nuts: Choose Your Own Nutcracker

Just about every ballet company worth its salt puts on its own version of the 120-year-old two-act ballet The Nutcracker. Why? Well, force of habit, perhaps, but also ticket sales: Some productions of Nutcracker can rake in enough to float a troupe’s entire season. Good thing ballet lovers never seem to tire of Tchaikovsky’s score [...]

Openings: “Exclamation Point” at The Fridge, Erica Rebollar’s “Space Junk”

It's definitely the holiday season in D.C., and if you can't tell just by walking outside, the arts will remind you: 'Tis the season for Christmas-themed ballets, plays, and exploding pine trees. But anyone who wants to skirt holiday cheer needn't stay at home.
Saturday, the Fridge's owner and director Alex Goldstein unveils his first solo show, "Exclamation [...]

Holiday Arts Events in D.C., Decoded

Christmastime: beloved by families, loathed by alternative-weekly arts editors. Why? It’s the time of year when pretentiousness grinds to a halt. It’s as though all the snobs temporarily bury their black clothing and begin singing along to that Mariah Carey Christmas album. Same goes for arts programming. Major arts organizations, motivated by revenue potential and, who [...]

Arts Roundup: Nutcracker, Cracked Edition

The Land of Seats: So, about all those glittery Nutcracker productions that pepper area theaters every winter: They exist for a reason. Washington Post columnist Thomas Heath—himself a Nuthead—reported earlier this week that Washington Ballet's perennial Nutcracker rakes in about 22 percent of that company's annual revenue, and more than half its yearly ticket sales. [...]

Don’t Be Bored: The U.S. Treasury Building and Free Synth-Pop

Few buildings are more important than that of a government’s treasury. America’s version started out as a two-story brick building located directly southeast of the White House, housing around half of the federal workforce. An arsonist seeking to destroy incriminating pension records burned it down in 1833, and the government hosted a design competition for [...]

Love Her or Hate Her, the Sugarplum Fairy Inevitably Returns

For dance lovers, parsing the various versions of The Nutcracker on offer during the holiday season has become something of a high art. Year after year, the production inevitably returns, providing audiences with the equivalent of Christmas-themed comfort food and dance companies with revenues to sustain them for the other 11 months.
When you were a [...]

The Sleigher: Lady Moet Beast & D.C. Ty The Monster’s “Bad Santa”

HO HO WHO: Southeast D.C.'s Lady Moet Beast & D.C. Ty The Monster aren't just a rap duo; they're married, too. And through their own label, Draztick Measurez Recordz, they've released the 12-song Urban Christmas.

TODAY WAS NOT SUCH A GOOD DAY: The album's pièce de résistance is "Bad Santa," a wry, bottom-heavy slow-roller that depicts [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: A Musicianless Nutcracker, Penny Starr vs. the Smithsonian, D.C. Emo Returns

Mike Paarlberg is on the cover this week with his close examination of the Washington Ballet's current production of The Nutcracker, which contains exactly zero live musicians. He's also got a review—guess why the production suffers?
Kriston Capps leads the arts section with a look at Penny Starr, the pseudo-journalist who ignited the current controversy over a [...]