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The Incredible Shrinking Critic (According to Michael Kaiser)

Whither critics? Michael Kaiser apparently thinks so. The Kennedy Center president, in his latest Huffington Post column, declares that "arts criticism has become a participatory activity rather than a spectator sport." Uh oh, looks like the netizens are out for our jobs!
Or are they? In lamenting what he sees as a decline in top-notch arts [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: Bill Cunningham New York, Il Gattopardo[/embed
Hang around Midtown Manhattan long enough, and you might land yourself in a New York Times slideshow. Bill Cunningham, the 82-year-old fashion photographer, is out there, prowling the concrete jungle on his Schwinn bicycle. Cunningham, who since 1978 has contributed a pair of weekly photo essays to the Times is profiled in the documentary Bill [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Smell Like A Comic Book Fan’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*MGMT releases its "Flash Delirium" music video. There's old ladies playing wooden instruments, talking throat-slits filled with eels, and puppets. The usual.

*Diesel is releasing a special Iron Man 2 cologne in anticipation of the film's May 7 release. The bottle is shaped like a red fist, but nerds will notice one particular problem: the [...]

Steve Martin: “The Jerk” Goes Country

Steve Martin–known to boomers as "The Jerk," to hipsters as the jerk opposite Claire Danes in "Shop Girl" and, more recently, to your kid sister as Inspector Clouseau–is an accomplished banjoist. According to the New York Times, in the country/bluegrass community, Martin is an esteemed master of the difficult clawhammer playing style. Martin told [...]