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Arts Roundup: Five-Year Plan Edition

Ian Svenonius discusses his bands, their five-year plans, and reuniting The Make-Up [Click Track]
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Smithsonian's Museum of African American History [WaPo]
Paperhaus, the band, discusses Paperhaus, the house. [Pink Line Project]
Calling all Klingons (WSC Avant Bard is auditioning) [DC Theatre Scene]
George Mason's Fall for the Book Festival to honor [...]

The Make-Up Is Reuniting in May

The Make-Up, the D.C. post-punk/"gospel yeh-yeh" outfit led by Ian Svenonius, is reuniting this spring for I'll Be Your Mirror, a three-day event put on by the All Tomorrows Parties festival series. The shows, guest-curated by Mogwai, run May 25-27 at the Alexandra Palace in London, U.K., and also feature Codeine, Melvins, Dirty Three, and at [...]

After 15 Years—and Tours with the Make-Up, Faraquet, the Warmers, and Others—Has an Econoline Logged Its Last Mile?

“Do not. Remove. The matchbox.”
That was the advice Aaron Leitko, Hugh McElroy, and Sean Peoples received five years ago when they bought their white, nearly windowless 1995 Ford Econoline 150—a hulking, utilitarian shell of a vehicle that had spent much of its previous decade hauling some of D.C.’s most tour-hardened indie-rock outfits across the country.
Here’s [...]