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The Sleigher: The Killers, “Christmas in L.A.”

HO HO WHO: The Killers return again to Christmas singles, with assists from Dawes and sad sack Owen Wilson.
CHRISTMAS CRAPPIN': This is The Killers' seventh round of Christmas singles for Bono's (RED) campaign, and they sound about as sick of it as their hapless actor-narrator is of his city. As the band turns the ostensibly holiday-themed single [...]

ToDo ToDay: Hogo Opens! “Holiday Follies”! Glide!

Did the first two weeks of December fly by in a blur of shopping and yuletide schmoozing? Then you may be ready to sit back, relax, and let Signature Theatre’s third annual “Holiday Follies” entertain you. As has become a tradition in Arlington, the casual cabarets, helmed by piano man Gabriel Mangiante, give local musical-theater [...]

The Sleigher: The Killers’ “Boots”

HO HO WHO: Oh, you know The Killers. They exploded out of the gate with 2004's Hot Fuss and have been reliably serving up dance-rock with big swells of synth and stadium choruses since, though none of their subsequent releases have come close to rivaling startlingly assured debut. The same goes for [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Prithee, Is Lebowski in Tights Worth the Trip to NYC?’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*So a kind soul has invited me to New York this spring for a performance of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski. If you haven't yet gotten down, the gist is that screenwriter Adam Bertocci went viral with a 75-page, iambic pentameter rendering of the iconic Coen Bros. screenplay, which will now be staged at the [...]

Noir City DC

Perhaps it’s the hard times in which we find ourselves, but the temptation to take refuge within a well-constructed fatalistic yarn is increasingly enticing. After a successful initial run, the California-based Film Noir Foundation has curated a second installment of NOIR CITY DC, promising the genre’s requisite cheap thrills, tough talk, and poor decision-making skills. [...]

McCartney, Killers, Cure Headline Coachella 2009

That's right. Coachella posted the full line up earlier today. Of all the stellar bands slated to burn up Indio, Calif., April 17-19, two of the three acts chosen to headline the festivities–I'm blogging at you, Paul McCartney and Robert Smith–haven't made an album worth listening to since most Coachella attendees were in diapers. As [...]