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Flings & Arrows: When Actors Enter Showmances

“He looked so cute in that costume.”

Inkwell Debuts Excerpts of Three New Works This Weekend

Inviting an audience to give feedback on a work-in-progress is already a little tough for writers. Letting them hear only 20 minutes of an unfinished work can be especially daunting. But Saturday, playwrights Basil Kreimendahl, Mariana Carreño King, and John Greiner-Ferris (shown), will do just that at The Inkwell's First Contact showcase "Heart's Desire."

Inkwell is devoted to the [...]

Arts Roundup: Torch Songs Edition

D.C. new-play incubator The Inkwell mounts its first full production, at Round House. [Post]
A tale of two emancipation statues [Post]
Local swampy steampunkers The Torches played their first show before the members had all practiced in the same room, and other fun facts [DCist]
Art rockers Silo Halo discusses the making of their new album, Night and the City [Vinyl [...]