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Prize Fight: Want a Grammy? Join the Club. Literally.

As of press time, Carolyn Malachi had 1,365 followers on Twitter. Two hundred and six people had liked her artist page on Facebook. When she put out her Lions, Fires & Squares EP in August, the most notable piece of American press was a One Track Mind column in Washington City Paper. That release’s best song, [...]

Arts Roundup: Oscar Noms; Sundance Shrinkage; Ann Powers

Morning, readers.
*Today: Oscar nominations! They're in. Like as not, we'll have a spot of blog commentary from Tricia Olszewski, who's filing dispatches from sunny SoCal. They say it's 70 out there this a.m.; Tricia should maybe bring her editor along next time. just informed me that she canceled her L.A. trip and is, in fact, [...]