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This Week in WCP Arts: The Fridge, Fredric Wertham, Waiting for “Superman”

Erin Petty leads off this week's arts section by examining some of the neighborhood tensions faced by the outre-minded Fridge art space in Capitol Hill—tensions that came to a head last month thanks to some noisy new agers. Mike Rhode ponders what the opening of the papers of Fredric Wertham—comic books' real-life super-villain—means for comics [...]

Fridge Burn: How New Agers Got a Capitol Hill Art Space in Trouble with its Neighbors

The Fridge was never going to be an easy fit for Barracks Row. The art gallery-cum-classroom-cum-performance space opened in an alley off of 8th Street SE in September 2009, and immediately caused minor, NIMBYish ripples in its the well-heeled Capitol Hill neighborhood. Over the last year the outre-minded space has mostly enjoyed a tentative peace [...]

Freestylin’ D.C.: Whiskey, Shakespeare, and German Photographers

Happy almost-September everyone! Hope you enjoy this weekday edition of Freestylin’ DC, where I’ll share some of the coolest and most interesting free and low cost events from my site, Free in DC.
After work, take the free shuttle from Foggy Bottom Metro over to the Kennedy Center for a free performance [...]

Gaia Eyes a New Age of D.C. Club Life

"We're definitely profit-driven, so we're not hippies," says Nico Laget, a man who sees serious benefits in the blending of pulsing house music and real-life congas.
Laget, 37, is the chief agent of D.C.'s "Gaia" parties, which are essentially immersive, multimedia, New Age-y house-music nights. A Frenchman born and raised in Africa, he is a veteran [...]

Best of D.C. Is Live, but Whose Taste Is Better: Yours or Ours?

Best of D.C.! What more is there to say?
Well, this: Our annual issue highlighting our—and your—picks for the best the District has to offer is online and in print today. Pick up a copy! Or read it here!
There's no shortage of arts-related goodies therein, and even some overlap between the readers poll and our staff [...]

Snowpocalypse, or What You Will: Cultural Items to Be Consumed by Us at City Paper

While half the town spends the weekend on wordplay (Ed. note: What do you call sledding with strangers in D.C.? Snowcial networking! I know, OK, I'm sorry), the rest of us will be hunkered down indoors, twiddling with the thermostat and checking to see whether it's June yet.
Ah, we know what you're asking: But how [...]

Immature Hour: Good Times for D.C. Artists with Peter Pan Complexes

Toys-or-Bust Kid: D.C. artist Cory Oberndorfer says, "I don’t want to grow up."

Gallery or playpen? In the past three months, some of the following objects appeared in local art spaces: Tickle Me Elmo, stuffed animals, Scooby-Doo figurines, Wii games, plastic soldiers, and Pac-Man. We saw Boy Scouts and schoolgirls and regressed to their [...]

Now on View: Scot Lefavor at the Fridge

Not to get all “Leave Britney alone!” on you, but Scot Lefavor’s 2008 painting Modern Day Role Models for Your Teenage Daughters picks an easy, albeit irresistible target. You’ll find America’s most damaged living celebrity parodied at some of her worst moments, from the crotch-flashing to the head-shaving. Britney, who is depicted in the work as [...]

Pooneh Maghazehe: Try the Art, It’s Delicious

Most galleries serve wine and cheese, but this weekend, there's beef in the Fridge (These blog posts just write themselves!). Artist Pooneh Maghazehe, of the new exhibit "I RAN Home (in America)," will be hosting Bastani and Branding Night, a performance piece in which she comments on consumption and her Iranian heritage by branding grilled [...]