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Watch: RDGLDGRN, “Lootin’ in London”

RDGLDGRN has made tremendous strides since its members split up The Five One and linked with drummer Dave Grohl. In February, the Reston, Va., band released an EP and performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and just a quick look at their Instagram shows recent tour stops in Denver, London, and Ireland.
Accordingly, RDGLDGRN's new video, "Lootin' in London," [...]

RDGLDGRN’s Red Gold Green EP, Reviewed

Something intriguing happens on "Doing the Most," RDGLDGRN's high-wattage collaboration with producers Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams. At first, frontman Green sings longingly over a straightforward electronic pop track. Then, suddenly, the song breaks into a raucous go-go jam accentuated by Grohl's snare-heavy percussion and Red's well-timed guitar stabs. For the band, it's a perfect blend [...]

Listen: RDGLDGRN, “I Love Lamp” with Dave Grohl

Two weeks ago, Reston, Va., band RDGLDGRN released "Million Fans," a hard-charging track with gritty drums and edgy guitar chords. It was the band's first single since 2011's "I Love Lamp," which blended pounding go-go percussion with lighthearted Caribbean notes.
The single was infectious enough, though it sounded a lot like the RDGLDGRN members' old band, [...]

Why the Music Stopped for The Five One

The mood was celebratory at Jammin' Java last Friday. There was free cake, and blue balloons were scattered across the carpeted dance floor. On a nearby table were stacks of black T-shirts, each one with a giant blue square across the chest. The liquor flowed; the crowd was decent.
The man responsible for the party was no [...]

The Five One Breaks Up, Launches New Projects

If you follow D.C.'s indie rock scene, you might be familiar with The Five One, a multicultural quartet from Reston, Va., whose color-coded aesthetic and breezy blend of Caribbean pop music gave them an enigmatic appeal. Its members personified themselves as colors and dressed in red, blue, green, and gold, respectively.
Well, the band has broken [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 22

All opinions expressed or implied in Far Out vs. Hot Dang belong solely to the realm of Truth and therefore are Unassailable. If you wanna beef about that, think twice, because we'll make you fill out forms in triplicate. Then we will shred those forms, look you in the eye, and calmly ask you, "Haven't [...]

Arts Roundup: The What You Know About That Edition

Good morning, everyone. Autumn just stepped in for a visit. Strange, isn't it? Today's forecast calls for a partly sunny day with a high of 70. I swear, it was sweltering just last week—not sure how I feel about all of this.
In case you missed it, the Dance Party is returning to the District, maybe [...]

Download: The Five One’s “Mandatory”

It's damn near impossible to categorize The Five One's music and ideals. The band, with its self-described Haitian indie-rock flair, blends hip-hop with Caribbean rhythms. The ideals? Well, the Reston quartet personifies itself as colors: The members call themselves, and dress in, Red, Blue, Green, and Gold. (Don't ask their government names, because they won't tell [...]

“DC Hands”: A Free Compilation, a $27 T-Shirt, and (Maybe) the Genesis of a New Label

One Vs. Many makes T-shirts. The self-described creative agency throws parties on the first Thursday of every month at Aslylum. And more than a few times a year, it releases samplers of music mostly featuring D.C. artists. The music is free. The shirts are not.*
Regardless of your shopping habits, there's no reason not grab the [...]