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Photos: The Dismemberment Plan @ 9:30 Club

The Dismemberment Plan's first original studio album in a dozen years, Uncanney Valley, isn't likely to end up on too many end-of-year Top 10 lists. But while it's hard to see that album as anything other than a product of an aging band, The Dismemberment Plan's live show is basically ageless—at least judging by the [...]

Photos: D.C. Goes to Chicago Riot Fest 2013

By the time ex-D.C. band The Dismemberment Plan hit the Roots Stage at Chicago's 2013 Riot Fest last weekend, the scene was more "Mud of Chicago" than "Ice of Boston" thanks to the full-on downpour in progress. But that didn't seem to dampen the crowd's spirits. (Overheard in the audience before D-Plan began: "I know I [...]

Watch: The Burlies’ “The Ocean”

The Dismemberment Plan is gearing up to promote its new album, but before the group heads out on tour next month, frontman Travis Morrison is making a little noise with his other group—that is, his other other group (no Hellfighters reunion yet!)—The Burlies. The band, which also includes a few other D.C.-area indie rockers now residing in [...]

Listen: The Dismemberment Plan’s “Invisible”

"Invisible" isn't the first song by the Dismemberment Plan that's about a city other than D.C. (hello-oh). But it is kind of weird—isn't it?—to hear frontman Travis Morrison sing about feeling isolated in New York, where he's now lived for several years (and he appears to be very settled and happy there!). The song is the second single from [...]

Virgin Mobile FreeFest: We’re Covering It

The Virgin Mobile FreeFest is like that time you bought a Groupon for Virginia wine-country tasting. Your clique lacks cohesion because it consists of people that back-doored into the deal or have a tenuous connection to the driver. There's goat cheese, wine slushies, and Ben Folds Five.
When you finally get there, you might find that [...]

Virgin Mobile FreeFest Lineup: Dismemberment Plan, Jack White, Skrillex

Totally called it: The Dismemberment Plan is playing this year's Virgin Mobile FreeFest on Oct. 6 at Merriweather Post Pavillion. Also on the two main stages' lineups: Jack White, Skrillex, Nas, M83, ZZ Top, Santigold, Alabama Shakes, Ben Folds Five, Allen Stone, Trampled by Turtles, Portugal. The Man, Das Racist, Future Islands, and I.M.P. fave Justin [...]

Why Cataract Camp Finally Released Its Travis Morrison-Produced Album

Cataract Camp’s debut album is some of the most hyperactive rock D.C. has heard in some time—sort of like Black Eyes taking on the skewed pop songs of The Dismemberment Plan at a college house party. But Sing Rain doesn't mark the revival of D.C. spazz rock but perhaps the last gasp of it. Cataract [...]

Dismemberment Plan Is Playing The Roots Picnic (Or: Questlove Wasn’t Shitting Us)

Remember that time Questlove became The Dismemberment Plan's biggest fan when the D.C. indie rockers played some songs on Late Night? At the time, the Roots drummer tweeted:
If we got dsmbrmtpln for The Roots Picnic would longtime fans support? These mofos are tight!!!!!
Turns out he wasn't fooling around. The lineup of The Roots' annual festival in [...]

Photos: The Dismemberment Plan, Poor But Sexy, and Batala @ 9:30 Club

It's probably a safe bet that you or someone you know went to see The Dismemberment Plan this weekend. At Saturday's show at the 9:30 Club, you could overhear plenty of conversations from fans who'd traveled from out of town to see the reunited band. It's unclear exactly how many fans made it on stage [...]

The Dismemberment Plan Weekend: What We Learned

With contributions from Alex Baca, Matt Siblo.
- The Dismemberment Plan has good taste in openers. Best warm-up set has to go to Bluebrain, which despite a muddy audio mix was easily the biggest mindfuck: The duo had massive brass-horn edifices strapped to their backs, an actual brass section, video projections, and several of the band's [...]