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Don’t Be Bored: “(Un)Lock It”

Unless you have been dancing deep in the pit, feeling every snare strike, conga syncopation, rototom fill, or cowbell blast, it’s hard to imagine the energy coursing through a go-go concert. But Thomas Sayers Ellis’ best photographs ensnare their radiating power. And more important, his images capture a scene that is D.C. to the core. [...]

Music 2008: A Few Forgotten Favorites

Every year there's always tons of records that deserved more time, that flew under the radar or just got lost in my stacks and/or hard drive. Here's a few that I thought were worthy of sharing:

U.S. Girls: Live On WFMU
U.S. Girls is Megan Remy. She plays through messed-up keyboards and loves the sound of a [...]