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Punk Historian Mark Andersen on His Forthcoming Book, We Are the Clash

Longtime District punk activist Mark Andersen is a passionate fan of The Clash, and he's teamed up with musician and writer Ralph Heibutzki on a book called We Are the Clash, an in-depth look at the band’s often overlooked "Clash Mark II" period of the mid-1980s, when they kicked out pivotal members Topper Headon and Mick Jones [...]

The Rise and Fall of The Clash Is Gripping, Important, But Has Holes

Few bands set their sights on such lofty musical or political terrain as British punk trailblazers The Clash. “Death or glory!” its members famously proclaimed, and for all the band’s internal contradictions, that wasn’t just rhetoric.
Its final leaps of faith are on display in The Rise and Fall of The Clash, a flawed but important [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs to Help You Through Your Midlife Crisis

Oh my God, it happened. All those years of claiming you'd stay young till you died, and now you're crunching numbers 40 hours a week, paying a very reasonable mortgage, and saving for your kid's college fund. Is that really a plasma screen in your living room, next to the complete collection of Sex and [...]