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The Sleigher: The Caribbean and Insect Factory, “Be Thou My Vision”

HO HO WHO: The off-kilter D.C. band The Caribbean (primarily drummer/bassist/vocalist Matthew Byars) and D.C. experimentalist Jeff Barsky, aka Insect Factory.
ALTERED BOYS: "Be Thou My Vision" is a sixth-century Irish text that was turned into an English-language hymn early in the 20th century. These thoughtful indie dudes set it within cathedral-sized sonics (the drones by [...]

Get the Gang Together, We’re Putting on a Show

What are you doing Friday, Sept. 14? Nothing? OK, we've got you covered.
Each month, the Smithsonian American Art Museum hosts Luce Unplugged, a best-kept-secret of a concert series that's featured stripped-down sets from great acts like John Davis, Birdlips, Deleted Scenes, Aaron Thompson, and more. The setting is the museum's intimate Luce Foundation Center for [...]

Listen: The Caribbean Remixes Deleted Scenes

Three of the best indie-rock bands in D.C.—literary art-poppers The Caribbean, genre-tweaking mope-rockers Deleted Scenes, and slowcore noodlers Cigarette—are sharing a bill tonight at Comet Ping Pong, and as luck would have it, one of those groups recently remixed another. The Caribbean's take on Deleted Scenes' 2011 single "Bedbedbedbedbed" is lulling and deconstructionist: The Caribbean's [...]

ToDo ToDay: 4/20 Parties, All Your Favorite D.C. Indie Rockers, Zarjaz

Anyone who considers electronic dance music an inaccessible, overintellectual art form doesn’t listen to Beats in Space, the weekly radio show hosted for the last 13 years by DJ Tim Sweeney. His Tuesday-night program on WNYU 89.1 FM is probably one of the best electronic-music shows in North America. But it’s a friendly one, too, [...]

How’d D.C. Do in Pazz + Jop?

The results of The Village Voice's annual Pazz + Jop poll—aka the annual compendium of critical opinion that, given that it drops a month after every other top 10 list, only music scribes truly care about—are out. But how did D.C. do?
First, the albums list: Wild Flag, the so-punk-rock/kinda-classicist supergroup featuring two-thirds of Sleater-Kinney and D.C.'s own [...]

Arts Roundup: Discontinued Perfume Edition

Tigger Trap: DCRTV's Dave Hughes follows up—in video form!—on the news that WPGC has ousted morning host Big Tigger. Today he says: The Post messed up by not getting the story into today's paper; and WPGC is in a tough position, stuck somewhere in the middle between pop station 99.5 and hip-hop/R&B station 93.9.
Lists Lists [...]

Jonathan L. Fischer’s 10 Best Local Tracks of 2011

Weird year, 2011. D.C.'s most visible band released an app, not an album. Its great rap hope released an album that was disappointing in critics' eyes, but which cemented him as a mainstream presence. Dischord returned to relevance with a handful of new albums and handsome archival releases; new labels formed; and Sockets remained the [...]

Ryan Little’s 10 Best Local Tracks of 2011

I didn't realize how great a year it's been for music in D.C. until I started compiling this list. While I didn't hear many landmark, career-defining albums in 2011, there were a ton of great songs from both young and veteran artists. Whatever D.C.'s reputation, there's a healthy community of smart, ambitious musicmakers in this [...]

The Sleigher: The Caribbean, “What Child Is This”

HO HO WHO: Some of the most highly regarded smart guys in D.C.'s indie-pop underground, The Caribbean. "What Child Is This" is their contribution to the never ending beginning, the free 2011 Christmas compilation by their label, Hometapes.
WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Why, it's a complete reworking of the beloved 19th century English hymn by [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Wale, Artist Housing, Like Crazy

Andrew Noz is on the cover this week with a brilliant, brutal essay about Wale's all-over-the-map career—and his disappointing, much-hyped new album. I lead the arts section with a look at a new building of artist housing in Brookland. Rebecca J. Ritzel likes the class-struggle vibes that abound in Keegan's The Crucible, while Chris Klimek [...]