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Arts Roundup: Mo Rocca Edition

Mo Rocca will moderate a panel at the big Kennedy Center arts summit this weekend. [AP]
Ford's Theatre crawls with feds at Violet's opening night. [Post]
Local artist Theodore Taylor wins an award for his illustrations in a hip-hop children's book. [Post]
Travis Morrison's The Burlies release an EP. [Arts Desk]
New artist studio space available for rent in Bethesda. [...]

Listen: The Burlies’ Self-Titled EP

The Burlies, the other band of Dismemberment Plan frontman Travis Morrison, released a new three-song EP on Wednesday. It's not a physical release—just an online joint, streamable via Soundcloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp—and it's got the same wacky-to-grown-ass-man ratio of D-Plan's recent full-length, Uncanney Valley.
A previously released (and raucous) Burlies song, "The Ocean," is track No. 2.
If [...]

Watch: The Burlies’ “The Ocean”

The Dismemberment Plan is gearing up to promote its new album, but before the group heads out on tour next month, frontman Travis Morrison is making a little noise with his other group—that is, his other other group (no Hellfighters reunion yet!)—The Burlies. The band, which also includes a few other D.C.-area indie rockers now residing in [...]

Dismemberment Plan’s Travis Morrison Has a New Band, and It’s Playing a D.C. DIY Show

How weirdly rewarding has this year been for Dismemberment Plan fans? The once-defunct-now-reformed indie-rockers continued their 2011 reunion, unveiling new material and making progress on recording a new album, their first since 2001's Change. And in the spring, fledgling local label Bad Friend Records released a 7-inch of previously unreleased songs by frontman Travis Morrison's [...]