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One Track Mind: Bleary Eyed, ‘Harping’

Old school emo meets new wave in this new band made up of teenage wunderkinds.

Mosh Pic: Stories and Tips from Four Local Music Photographers

Rule No. 1: Easy on the flash.

Here’s Who Might Have Played Fort Reno This Summer

This summer's Fort Reno concert series is off, organizer Amanda MacKaye announced today after she was unable to resolve a permitting dispute with the National Park Service and U.S. Park Police. Not long before MacKaye posted a letter to Fort Reno's website, she wrote to members of more than 20 local bands about the disappointing news—presumably the bands she [...]

ToDo ToDay: Recycled Orchestra, Coathangers, and Diarrhea Planet

A three-minute teaser trailer on Cateura, Paraguay's Landfill Harmonic went viral earlier this year and touched the spirits of many people, even those who never gave classical music, extreme poverty, or recycling much thought. These youngsters scavenged material from the dump upon which their slum is essentially built and fashioned cellos, violins, and other instruments [...]

City Paper Critics’ Poll: Favorite Moments In Local Music

For the 2012 City Paper Critics' Poll, we asked local critics, bloggers, and fans to tell us about their favorite moments in local music this year. This post has been updated to include input from Reese Higgins and's Metal Chris.
Packed into the Ethiopian joint Asefu’s in July and riled up by an all-too-brief set [...]

Fort Reno Concerts Begin Next Week With Teen Mom, Alarms & Controls, Upforth

In his oral history of Fort Reno last year, Ryan Little dug deep into the history and folkways of the seasonal concert series, which began in 1968, was for years a bedrock of the local post-hardcore sound, and today remains an important institution of D.C.'s indie-rock and punk scenes. But he left out one Fort [...]

Download The Black Sparks’ S.T. Rawberries EP

Back in February, I wrote about The Black Sparks—middle-school punk upstarts who've been wowing the D.C. all-ages circuit with their electric, sweat-soaked live shows. And—as if the gods were offering up some sort of cosmic alternative to Justin Bieber's freshly released, distressingly post-pubescent single "Boyfriend"—The Black Sparks have just uploaded some gleefully youthful tunes in [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Kid-Punk Industrial Complex, Red, Franz Jantzen

Lindsay Zoladz has the cover with the look into the local kids-punk scene, which has benefited from a boom in after-school rock academies, and which blows all of our adult authenticity hangups to pieces. Chris Klimek leads the arts section with reviews of Folger's The Gaming Table—a resuscitated 300-year-old comedy involving lots of cards and [...]

Arts Roundup: The Sleepyhead Edition

Good morning, sleepyheads! A high of 97 degrees today–don't know why I decided to sleep in sweats last night. For your viewing pleasure this morning, Passion Pit's been on repeat in my earphones.
Glee hottie Puck, or rather Mark Sailing, is releasing his first (perhaps last) album Solo dropping in October. Take a gander–I'd rather listen [...]

Arts Desk’s Newest Feature: Freestylin’ D.C.

Welcome to Freestylin’ D.C! Every Monday and Thursday afternoon, I'll share some of the coolest and most interesting events from my site, Free in DC. Back in the day, before blogs were popular, Washington City Paper was my main guide for all things free. I’m excited to join Arts Desk now and to [...]