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ToDo ToDay: The Bats, Barbecue, and D.C. Jazz Fest

Like their Kiwi peers The Clean, The Bats are on what you might call Dunedin time. Or perhaps Robert Scott time, since he plays bass in the former pioneering indie-pop band and sings and strums in the latter. Both bands are associated with the New Zealand movement called the “Dunedin Sound,” and both have aged [...]

Leak Proof: Sonic Youth, Dave Matthews Band, Deerhunter, The Bats

Sonic Youth: "Sacred Trickster"
For a while there Sonic Youth was becoming a band that your dad could maybe get down with. Well, as long as your dad was a baby boomer with a taste for Bare Trees-era Fleetwood Mac. No more, though. “Sacred Trickster”, from the band’s forthcoming record The Eternal, brings back the diminished [...]