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“You Never Get Over It but You Learn to Live With It”: Greg Marinovich on Surviving Conflict Photography

The final years of South Africa's apartheid period were punctuated by bloody conflicts between rival political factions that threatened to undo any progress toward repealing half a century of racial segregation. Some of the most profound documentation of the fighting came from the work of four photojournalists—Greg Marinovich, Joåo Silva, Kevin Carter, and Ken Oosterbroek—who [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Boxing on D.C. Stages, The Bang Bang Club, The Sweater Set

Chris Klimek—boxing instructor and theater critic—opens this week's arts section with an essay exploring the recent surfeit of pugilism on D.C. stages. My colleagues and I ponder which D.C. chains will get into the concert business now that Sweetgreen's annual festival has gone big-time. Tricia Olszewski has a triply bad time at the movies; check [...]