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The Sleigher: A Very Special Thanksgivukkah

It's back: Arts Desk's annual frank assessment of new holiday music
Oy Vey: Kosher food (and wine) producer Manischewitz got massively into the Thanksgivukkah spirit by sponsoring a contest for the best song for this "holiday," which occurs about as often as people whose ancestors arrived on the Mayflower go to shul. Thanks to the combination [...]

Arts Roundup: It’s Never Too Early for an Amtrak Cheese Tray Edition

GUYS, Some People Are Funny, This Guy Is ON IT: Earlier this month, The New York Times launched a new column on comedy, penned by Jason Zinoman, who is the son of Studio Theatre founder Joy Zinoman and author of Shock Value, a recent book about horror movies. Splitsider has a long, sometimes funny interview with Jason [...]

Arts Roundup: Missed Middle Fingers and Other Wasted Opportunities Edition

The holiday season is nearly upon us. In this time of love, family, and being touched by a stranger at the airport because you refused to embrace modern technology, it's important to remember: Every day is Festivus in the Roundup! Here comes another airing of grievances, you molested Luddites!
As if the Fare Assessment she received last [...]