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At the Textile Museum, Images and Threads From 19th Century China

The Textile Museum's latest exhibition recalls the National Gallery of Art's “Captain Linnaeus Tripe: Photographer of India and Burma.”

The Textile Museum Will Open in March 2015

Rugs and textiles will share space with the George Washington University Museum's Washingtoniana collection.

You Don’t Have to Be an Art School to Have a Great Gallery

Want to see student work? Acclaimed African-American artists? Textiles? There's a university gallery for you.

Arts Roundup: Endings Edition

House of Cards probably won't return for a third season. [Huffington Post]
Doesn't look like Donnie Simpson plans to return to radio, either. [Post]
The Textile Museum carefully transfers its collection to George Washington University. [WBJ]
Yes, Thriller on H Street happens again this year. [Frozen Tropics]
Lyle Link pens an appreciation for Butch Warren. [CapitalBop]
Nick Offerman joins the Bentzen [...]

Arts Roundup: $30 Million Rug Edition

Corcoran sells a Persian carpet for more than $30 million, but the money can't go to operating expenses. [Post]
OK Go and NPR team up for a music video that documents the great migration of the Tiny Desk to NPR's new headquarters. [Huffington Post D.C.]
Textile Museum goes on the market for $22 million. [WJLA]
The Eisenhower Memorial [...]

Arts Roundup: Just Build It! Edition

Phil Kennicott on the Hirshhorn Bubble: "It would be good for the Smithsonian, good for the District and good for America." [Post]
Meanwhile, from an annoying Washington Post reader: "I suggest that the Hirshhorn folks scramble their resources for a better cause. Please don’t make the Mall a laughingstock." [Post]
Avalon Theatre makes digital transition. [WTOP]
George Washington University [...]

Arts Roundup: Overblown Toilet Edition

"It's basically a completely overblown toilet," says architect Bjarke Ingels on the Smithsonian Castle. [Post]
DC Advocates for the Arts protest Mayor Vince Gray's proposed arts budget. [DC Advocates for the Arts]
Smithsonian also wants a budget increase, to the tune of $59 million. [AP via WJLA]
Textile Museum hires a new director. [Washington Business Journal]
The Washington Post's [...]

Arts Roundup: More Arts for Anacostia Edition

A 10,000 square foot arts space, Anacostia Arts Center, is coming to Good Hope Road SE this spring. [East City Art]
Corcoran takes valuable rugs to auction. [Post]
Arena Stage and George Washington University team up for a multicity arts initiative spearheaded by Liz Lerman: the National Civil War Project. [Post]
To fund its new Laib Wax Room, [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Jewish Music Festival Is Not For Alter Kockers

It’s not easy for a Jewish music festival to break certain associations in the public’s mind—namely, the ones that involve a lonely Hasid sitting on a roof, fiddling away. But Jewish music doesn’t end with klezmer, as the Jewish Community Center’s annual showcase demonstrates. Sure, it may begin there, with acts like Abraham Inc. (shown), [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 22

All opinions expressed or implied in Far Out vs. Hot Dang belong solely to the realm of Truth and therefore are Unassailable. If you wanna beef about that, think twice, because we'll make you fill out forms in triplicate. Then we will shred those forms, look you in the eye, and calmly ask you, "Haven't [...]