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The Better Angels, Reviewed

The Better Angels portrays a young Abraham Lincoln and aims to unveil the factors that shaped the president in his formative years. At the end of its 95 minutes, the answer is clear: trees.
So, so many trees. Always towering, with the camera aimed skyward. To set the scene of 1817 Indiana? Trees. Abe’s mother gets sick? Trees. [...]

To the Wonder, Reviewed

It’s only April, but it seems fair to assume that To The Wonder contains more frolicking than any movie that will be released this year. Actually, it’s not mere frolicking that dominates the latest visually rapturous work from Terrence Malick, the same filmmaker who entranced some moviegoers and maddened others with 2011’s The Tree of [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Capital Talent Agency, MOCA DC, The Tree of Life, Moombahton’s Big Moment

On the cover, Benjamin R. Freed profiles the Capital Talent Agency, the first operation of its kind in D.C., which is transforming the business of theater in the area. Kriston Capps leads the arts section with his look at Georgetown gallery MOCA DC's persistent crises—and concludes that the space's problems are in fact chronic. In [...]