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This Saturday: The Triumphant Resurrection of Run for Cover

After a three-year hiatus, the beloved cover-band show is back.

There Was Big Gay News Today, So Listen to Some Queer D.C. Music

Listen to some good music made by D.C. queers and bands with LGBTQ members.

Song Premiere: Tereu Tereu’s Remix of the Caribbean’s “Imitation Air”

"Tereu Tereu took a murky, dystopian love song and made it a murkier, more barren planet even less fit for human habitation."

ToDo ToDay: Teatro Lirico, Daddy Issues, and Wyatt Cenac

Enjoy your comedy with a side of politics and your live music with a side of synthesizers.

Watch Tereu Tereu’s Hazy New Video for “Spanish Lynx,” Filmed on a Cell Phone

"The process of extinction just struck me as terribly lonely and frighteningly sad."

Arts Roundup: Terp Derp Edition

How the Corcoran went from a proposed partnership with the University of Maryland to a deal for the National Gallery and GWU to absorb it. [Post]
Hear live sets from indie rockers Tereu Tereu and Raw Feels. [Bad Friend Records]
Buzzy local dream poppers GEMS talk about what's next [The Deli]
National Gallery curator James Meyer and interviews artist Kerry James [...]

ToDo ToDay: Fanfare Ciocărlia, A New Wine Bar, and So Much Local Music

The village of Zece Prăjini, in northeastern Romania, sits between the middle of nowhere and the Moldovan border. Which makes it the perfect locale for the world music origin story of Fanfare Ciocărlia: Discovered by a traveling German sound engineer in 1996, the band would become one of the most commercially successful Romani brass ensembles [...]

Genre Dysphoria: The Best D.C. Music of 2013

With Chuck Brown in his eternal resting place and Ian MacKaye settled down and playing only occasional dates with The Evens, how has D.C. music moved on?
In 2013, the answer was clearer: This is a hip-hop town, at least more than it was before. The area now has three significant hip-hop exports: trap-rap up-and-comer Fat Trel, [...]

ToDo ToDay: “The Power of Two,” Heavy Breathing, and a Mexican Celebration

It’s called “The Power of Two,” but more than one duo is behind tonight’s power-duet cabaret at Arena Stage. For starters, there’s the pair of singers who are reuniting for what should be a beautiful evening, Nicholas Rodriguez and Eleasha Gamble. They’re back to sing a show arranged by two theaters, under the direction of [...]

Arts Roundup: Bad Sex Edition

House of Cards' second season will debut on Valentine's Day. [AP]
Local author Manil Suri takes home the Bad Sex in Fiction prize. [New York Times]
GEMS releases an uncut version of "Medusa." [All Things Go]
All Songs Considered names the best music of the year. [NPR]
The 15 best music venues in D.C., according to DCist. [DCist]
Keep your [...]