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And Now for the Nordic: Jazz Setlist, June 18-24

The DC Jazz Festival just ended, but don't forget about the Nordic Jazz Festival.

The CBC, The Place To Be: Jazz Setlist, Sept. 25-Oct. 1

Geri Allen, Terence Blanchard, and new local sextet Eastern Standard Time take the stage.

Jazz Setlist, August 23-29: Kick Some Brass

Thursday, August 23
D.C. may be a bass town first and foremost, at least as far as jazz is concerned; the trombone, however, has been making a surge lately. We've always had strong players, including the late and beloved Calvin Jones, who founded the jazz program at UDC. But in the past few years, powerhouse Greg [...]

Jazz Setlist, July 28 – August 3: Finally, Rhythminic Accents

Thursday, July 28
The more you listen to Terence Blanchard, the better he gets. The trumpeter/composer from New Orleans contains multitudes: shining bop phrases, burning progressivism, convulsive soul, smoky romance. It's tailor-made for Blanchard's runaway career as a film composer, one of the busiest and most prominent of the current era. (Seriously—check out his IMDb page.) [...]

Jazz Setlist, July 15-21: William Hooker, Com Voce, and More

Thursday, July 15
Experimental music is an ivory tower. Its practitioners have gigantic status inside the field, and by and large can't get arrested outside of it. So when I say that William Hooker is a major figure, it will no doubt come as a surprise to some. Nonetheless, Hooker is a major figure. He's a [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 18-24: Festival and Smorgasbord

UPDATE 12:28 PM: The 2/24 Roberto Fonseca show at Lisner Auditorium has been canceled.

This, folks, is a spectacular week for live jazz in the D.C. area. Many of the best local musicians are appearing at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival in Rockville, which runs through the weekend (look for a full preview tomorrow). Elsewhere, though, there [...]