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ToDo ToDay: Three Sistahs, the Black Keys, and Charles Wright

Plus cheap caviar!

Subterranean Punk-House Blues

Photo Slideshow: Subterranean A's Final Show

D.C. punk houses haven’t changed much. They’re still filthy. They’re still rife with well-intentioned but unrealized projects, like unturned compost piles and half-finished rain barrels. They still have damp sofas encircled by splintered drumsticks, Xeroxed show flyers, and earthenware mugs ringed with green-tea residue. Often, a hapless chore wheel clings to [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Magrudergrind, U.S. Royalty, Return to Haifa

It's all been online for nearly a day already, but in case you missed something, this week's dead-tree City Paper has lots of sexy stuff:

Leor Galil profiles D.C. grindcore trio Magrudergrind, who pissed off some of their peers by releasing an EP through Scion, the Toyota brand. But why are grindcore kids still hung up [...]