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ToDo ToDay: Porgy and Bess, Stand-Up Comedy, and Cotton Candy

The return of Porgy and Bess to the National Theatre means much more than rousing dance numbers: It was the first musical performed for a desegregated audience at the gilded Pennsylvania Avenue NW venue. This tour stop of the much-updated Porgy and Bess, which snagged the 2012 Tony for Best Revival, is unlikely to reach similar heights of [...]

Arts Roundup: Michael Kaiser’s Future Hubbie Edition

Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser is getting married to a nice guy he met at the gym. Adorbs! [Post]
Following problems with the registration process, the 2013 Small Press Expo adds more tables—and now it might be the biggest SPX in history. [SPX via ComicsDC]
(Former) D.C. band Tennis System wants your donations. [Tennis System]
"Pump Me Up" curator Roger [...]

Arts Roundup: I’d Rather Be in California, Too Edition

No Lens Flares Here: Odd angles, stark contrasts, bleeding edges—we could be talking about a Darrow Montgomery gallery, although in this case it's WaPo art critic Philip Kennicott previewing the National Gallery of Art's new exhibit marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of photographer Harry Callahan. Kennicott writes: "It’s a small miracle that no matter [...]

Arts Roundup: Oscar Voting’s Over Edition

My colleague Jonathan L. Fischer reported yesterday that local band Tennis System is leaving D.C. for sunnier pastures in L.A. Can't say I blame them. The band's playing a farewell show at the Rock & Roll Hotel March 4.
As was widely reported yesterday, TBD is undergoing a major revamp. Again. But, troopers that they are, they [...]

Tennis System Is Leaving D.C., But Their New Song Is Pretty Cool

Hey, they tried.
But after three years, neo-shoegazers Tennis System are leaving D.C. for L.A. to "to further ourselves as musicians," the band writes on its blog today. Sad! But we had some good times, such as...
...this One Track Mind, about Tennis System's song "Esoteric."
...this demo, of the song "Snowden," recorded during the Snowpocalypse.
...this Snow Day [...]

Arts Roundup: FreeFest Recovery Edition

Good morning! Still recovering from FreeFest? I am! The reviews are starting to pour in: Here's Click Track's. Here are some thoughts from TBD, although the roundup piece by Andrew Beaujon is also a review of, um, me. (Thanks for the kind words!) Here on Arts Desk, we'll have some more coverage today, including tons [...]

SXSW Recap: Wednesday

Endless soft tacos, a five mile bike ride, and a lot of standing in line. Somewhere in there I saw some concerts, too.
Tennis System: Apparently Tennis System had a rough trip down to Texas. According to guitarist/singer Matty Taylor the band's shows in Richmond and Lexington were shut down by the cops before it [...]

Snow Day Sessions: Matty Taylor & Patrick Kigongo

Tennis System's Matthew Taylor and Ra Ra Rasputin's Patrick Kigongo have been working together over the past couple of months to organize Done & Done, a music festival designed to cultivate an exchange of ideas between music scenes in D.C. and New York. But sometimes they jam, too. Intrigued by the concept of playing outdoors [...]

Get Your Snowgaze On: Download a New Tennis System Song

Certain types of music were born to soundtrack snowstorms—ambient electronica, Japanese minimalism, most songs by Galaxie 500. And of course: shoegaze.
Of course, making music for a snowstorm and during one are entirely different endeavors. For the former, the goal has to be atmosphere, often in the form of noisy, ethereal soundscapes conjured via a critical [...]

Listen, the Snow Is Falling: What D.C. Musicians Do When They’re Snowed In

If you were hoping to catch some live music tonight, you're probably out of luck. Yet while today's hazardous conditions may make getting to venues difficult, they won't stop local artists from making music—including, lest I forget, the guy who lives across the street from me and plays sax for what must be 13 or [...]