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The Normal Art: Reflecting on the Revolution—and Eventual Sublimation—of Gay Theater in D.C.

The Gay Issue

At the D.C. Eagle, 42 years of leather daddies and good vibes
Meet Ruby Corado, D.C.'s most persistent trans activist
Holy gender politics, Batman!
Your most fabulous Pride Week ever

“Just imagine this world without queens in it,” shudders cross-dressing New Orleans decorator Candy Delaney in a 1957 opus by Tennessee Williams.
“It would be absolutely barbaric.”
Williams penned those [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 29

What you really wanna do is click around on this shit. But if you don't wanna click around on that shit, then click around on Far Out vs. Hot Dang, because your cultural relevancy depends on this shit, too:

"pure aesthetic, with little to no detail paid to songcraft, stage presence or anything else that defines a [...]

A Perfect Forgery: Beautiful Darling at the Hirshhorn

"A perfect forgery," exclaims producer Jeremiah Newton as he alters Candy Darling's official death documents to include her chosen name and not simply her birth name. It's a fitting opening. Beautiful Darling is a study in Darling's exquisite fraudulence, tracing it back to her youth and following it to her untimely demise. A true paradox [...]

Critical Mass: Why the Cate Blanchett Streetcar Sucks (Or Doesn’t)

In which Bob Mondello and Trey Graham trade theories about which one of them is wrong about Cate Blanchett's Streetcar.